The Hundreds Chart is much more than a math activity book. By requiring the users to probe numerous areas of knowledge to solve mathematical puzzles, the exercises are designed to assist in the development of multi-dimensional thinking skills.

Readers will find the Hundreds Chart Activities are rich resources of mathematical worksheets incorporating facts from biology, history, music, arithmetic, language, geometry, sports, children’s literature, and more. Upon completion of this math activity book, everyone will realize that math is everywhere. Participants should anticipate increasing their vocabulary, reasoning skills, and level of fun. Rest assured, this book is useful not only for math classes, but can also be incorporated in lessons across the curriculum.

Most importantly, the Hundreds Chart program is enjoyable for users of all ages and occupations. Teachers use the activities as a fun learning tool, as well as rewards for good behavior. Parents use them as educational games to play with their children. Business managers use them as stress breakers and creativity aids.

Regardless of your position or age level, you can cultivate and enlighten your cerebral acumen with these daily activities. With 101 total exercises, this math activity book will provide months of learning and entertainment. The Hundreds Chart Activities are tremendous tools for increasing mental potential and the enjoyment of math.